Bloomfield Concord Condominium Association
Bloomfield Township, MI
About  Bloomfield Concord Condominiums
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Association Officers / Directors

David Brotman

Tim Wallace

Tim Wallace

Jonathan Napper

     Bloomfield Township,                  Michigan

Mailing Address
     Bloomfield Concord 
     Condominium Association           C/OThe Highlander Group
     3080 Orchard Lake Rd, Ste. J
     Keego Harbor, MI 48320

School District
      Bloomfield Hills

      Paved streets

      Sanitary sewer
      City water

Points of interest within
15 minutes drive:

     Downtown Birmingham
     Somerset Mall
     All major big box retailers
     All major religious 
     Downtown Rochester
       expressways 500 yards       
     Dog walking nature trail


Tele:  248-681-7883

Email:  [email protected]

History of Bloomfield Concord Condominiums

     Bloomfield Concord Condominium Association began its life as a rock quarry and in 1964-65 was first developed for residence as Concord Place Apartments. It was designed by a local architect, Seymour Levine, and built/owned by Hermon Ross, a Bloomfield Hills developer. The next owner would be a local accountant, Robert Gibbs, and in approximately 1974-75 Gibbs sold Concord Place Apartments to Bedros Avedian.  Mr. Avedian attempted to plat each building separately for a single owner, but the numbers didn’t work and he retained Concord Place Apartments as a rental property until he sold it to a condominium conversion specialist named Robert Davis in 1977-78. Davis sold each unit separately in 1978 using a local relator, Forest Reed. At that time it became known as Bloomfield Concord Condominium Association; or as we lovingly call it, BCCA. 
     The architecturally unique styling of the units stands up strongly today with the use of vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and open spaces. Since 1965 BCCA has basically remained as it was save for the elimination of a deteriorating tennis court in 2004 and new Anderson windows with tongue and groove cedar siding added in 1995.  
     Carports were built in 2004 and in 2007 individual co-owner owned boilers and water heaters replaced aging one per building boilers and water heaters in Apartment Style buildings. In 2007 the entire property was irrigated with a computerized watering system having its own water meter thus saving about 50% on water used for irrigation. In the summer of 2011, the west end of the property, the commons, was transformed into a recreational area with a gazebo, picnic tables, chairs, benches, grill and landscaping. All roofs were rebuilt down to and including the rafters in the summer of 2011.