Bloomfield Concord Condominium Association
Bloomfield Township, MI
          Frequently Asked Questions ​​

Q. Is membership in the association mandatory? 
A. If you are the owner of a unit, you are automatically a member of the Association .

Q. Does the Association conduct a general membership annual meeting?
A. Yes, each spring there is an association meeting to which all are notified and encouraged to attend.

Q. What are the annual dues?
A. Townhouse units pay $ 175/mo. and apartment units pay $223/mo. 

Q. What do my dues pay for?
A. Everything exterior to the building including snow removal, landscaping, and all structural situations from the studs out.

Q. When is the Association fee due, how do I pay it?
A. Monthly dues are due on the first of each month and deemed late with a late fee applied after the 10th of the month.

Q. Are there any restrictions on lawn signs?
A. No signs of any kind are allowed anywhere on the premises without written request and approval from the board of directors.  

Q. If I wish to make exterior improvements to my property that require a building code variance, must I first obtain approval from the Association?
A. Absolutely!

Q. When is trash pickup? Does it include recyclable items?
A. Trash is picked up weekly at curbside on Tuesday of each week. When a national holiday occurs on a Monday, pickup moves to Wednesday. Recyclable items are separated into a tub furnished by Rizzo Services. A list of recyclable/non-recyclable items is shown on the News & Announcement page of this website.

Q. When I sell my home, do I have to contact the association for anything?
A. No

Q. I see that the association is a member of the United Homeowners Association, how does that benefit us?
A. It gives us contact with many other associations and allows us to learn from them and vice-verse.

Q. Is there an active neighborhood watch in our area?
A. No, not officially however we constantly encourage association members to notify local authorities if cars or people seem out of place. We also send annual caveats to remind members on safety tips.

Q. Is there a scheduled community yard sale?
A. Yes.

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